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  Products & Services
Equity & Derivatives Brokerage
Retail Broking
KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd provides end-to-end equity solutions to institutional and individual investors with consistent delivery of quality advice on individual stocks, sector trends and investment strategy.

KJMC CAPITAL MARKET SERVICES LTD is an active member of BSE & NSE Capital Market Segment. BSE offers largest number of listed companies in the Indian capital market segment. Access to prominent & popular stocks listed on trading floors of other stock exchanges of the country is also provided on the BSE through `S` segment. BSE also offers the unique advantage of trading in physical shares & odd lot trading. The NSE cash segment offers excellent liquidity at the lowest impact cost in the highly traded scrips. KJMC CAPITAL MARKET SERVICES LTD 's trading strategies & investment calls are updated on real time basis to give the investor a radical edge in the world of investments.
We are planning to expand rapidly across nation to increase our customer reach.

Clients can trade Online on BSE and NSE for both equities and derivatives segments and are supported by dedicated sales & trading teams or our trading desks. Research and investment ideas can be accessed by clients, either through their designated dealers, email, web or SMS.
Institutional Equities
KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd offers personalized broking services to its institutional and corporate clients, which include leading Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, banks etc.

The Institutional sales and trading team provides incisive market information and investment advice to clients, coupled with excellent execution capabilities. A team of equity analysts supports the sales team. There is an extensive focus on research on companies, sectors and macro-economy. The institutional equity team tracks large and mid-sized companies.
The company has established state of art infrastructure in order to provide smooth and hassle free trading.
Mutual Fund Distribution
KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd is one of India's leading mutual fund distributors. Our success lies in our philosophy of providing consistently superior, independent and unbiased advice to our clients backed by in-depth research. We firmly believe in the importance of selecting appropriate asset allocations based on the client's risk profile. We endeavor to consistently churns out superior investment ideas, picking best performing funds across asset classes and providing insights into performances of select funds on a dynamic basis.
List of NFO's
We are a leading distributor of new public issue offerings across the country. Our strong performance in IPOs has been a result of our vast experience in the Primary Market, a wide network of agents across India, strong distribution capabilities.

Participating in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be a financially rewarding exercise. By investing early in a strong company, investors stand a good chance to reap benefits over the long term. There are gains to be made in many IPOs, for both short term as well as long-term investor.

Our IPO research team provides clients with in-depth overviews of forthcoming IPOs as well as investment recommendations. We also help our clients to leverage and invest in IPOs.
List of IPO's Running
Online Investing
Online Investing through KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd
KJMC offers you a host of mutual fund choices on one platform with investor friendly tools to navigate and invest your hard earned money. To know more about the procedures to invest on online please click here.
KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd offers investors an easy route to investing in IPOs without stepping out of their house by investing online. There is no need to fill forms, stand in queues, and worry about refunds anymore. Simply log on to the KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd website, apply for the IPO, and your shares and refund will come directly in your demat account and bank account respectively.

You will also find news and information on forthcoming IPOs on our website so you can plan out your investments. You can also read what our analysts have to say about the IPOs that are open currently.

To open an online IPO account please click here.
Fixed income products give a steady stream of income over time. We showcase products such as RBI relief bonds 54EC bonds and other tax saving bonds especially among individuals looking at investing in very low risk bearing instruments.
Depository Services
Depository Services provides investors with a secure and convenient way for holding securities in electronic form.

Our depository services include settlement, clearing and custody of securities, Demat of shares and dematerialization. We offer you daily updated Internet access to your holding statement and transaction summary.
Investment Banking and Corporate Advisory
Equity Capital Market Services
KJMC Corporate Advisors (I) Ltd. offers issue management (IPOs, FPOs, right issue etc.) services along with takeover, buybacks, valuations etc. under SEBI guidelines. The services includes drafting of offer document institutional road shows, etc.
Investment Banking Services
KJMC offers you extensive range of Investment Banking Services for equity related products and instruments. We offer strategic advisory services like business structuring and capital-raising opportunities.

The Investment Banking services we offer are,
Private Equity Syndication
Structured Finance Syndication
Real Estate Advisory
Click Here To Know More
Wholesale and Retail Financing
NBFC – KJMC Financial Services Ltd.
Loan Against Shares
Promoter Funding
KJMC Financial Services Ltd Focuses on capital market related lending products & others like:
Loan Against Shares
Margin Funding
IPO Funding
Stressed Asset Financing
NPA Buyouts etc.
Margin Funding
Overview :
We at KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd. understand the clients’ needs to have mechanism to bridge the gap between the anticipated and the current fund position in times of investment opportunity in the market. It’s our pleasure to facilitate our clients to get leverage in the market by now utilizing the LOAN AGAINST PURCHASE OF SECURITIES (LAPS) facility.

Indicative Features :
Competitive Rate of Interest
Zero Processing fees.
Margin : Before the commencement of trade, Margin should be given in the form of cash and/or approved securities.
Kindly note that for any documentation and clarifications about LAPS facility, please contact on 409 45500.
KJMC Portfolio Tracker
The Portfolio tracker tracks all your investments in stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Bank FDs, Post office schemes and mutual funds. You can view your holdings up-to-date with their present values and absolute returns, all at one place.
KJMC Financial Planner
With KJMC Financial Planner Account, you can choose to view Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet or Both, by selecting the appropriate 'View Option'.

You can directly add an item of Asset, Liability, Receipt or Expense by selecting the appropriate option.
Wealth Management
KJMC is planning to launch various schemes under KJMC mutual fund for managing all investment needs be it in equity fund, balanced fund, debt fund, cash schemes etc.
Business Associate & Channel Partners
Primary Market - Agent
KJMC offers its IPO agents the most attractive remuneration and the best facilities in the industry. With timely dispatch of forms and collection of application, IPO agents find themselves well informed and equipped to achieve success, while helping investors in creating wealth.

Join KJMC’s IPO sub-brokers team and feel the difference.

Please fill our online form.
Business Associates
KJMC plans to open about 100 Centers across India. Every center forms part of the core business segment of KJMC, empowered with knowledge, technology and assistance to attain the highest standards or services trust.

We invite CA’s, MBA’s to be our Business Associates to partner with us and set-up financial centers equipped with BOLT/NEAT facilities. Centers would be competent to offer all the primary and secondary market products and services of KJMC viz., equity broking, derivatives, depository services, research based investment guidance, IPO & mutual funds distribution and many more.

If you have the knowledge of capital markets and a strong desire to pursue career in stock market, KJMC is a right place for you. Contact our Business Associate Development team, to initiate the process that will put you on the road to success.
Currency Derivatives (MCX-Sx)
Currently only US Dollar v/s Rupee contracts are being traded. Shortly other currencies like Euro, Yen, etc. will also be introduced for trading.

As a first step toward the capital account convertibility RBI has allowed currency futures to be traded on the Exchanges. This will give ample scope for Corporates, Individuals and others to hedge their foreign currency exposures.

Currency hedging in India will no longer be limited to the over-the-counter (OTC) products. Introducing Currency derivatives will provide one more platform alongside the OTC currency markets increasing market efficiency.

The specifications of the contracts are as follows:
1.   Currency Pair :   USD/INR
2.   Unit :   US $1,000
3.   Tenure of Contract :   1 month
4.   Number of Contracts at a given :   12
5.   Mode of settlement :   Cash Settled on T+1 daily settlement
6.   Trading Timings :   9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Monday – Friday)
Worldwide, the average daily turnover in Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives has grown at a CAGR of approximately 23.2% as compared to the CAGR of 10.3% in the OTC Currency Derivatives market (the domestic OTC volume in Currency Derivatives is approximately US $34 billion per day).

The Exchange Traded Currency Futures (ETCF) contracts facilitate easy access, increased transparency, much needed efficient price discovery; enable better counterparty credit risk management, wider participation, trading of a standardised product and efficient hedging mechanism for traders, importers / exporters etc. at very low margin(<5%)

The margin system on the Exchanges is VaR (Value at Risk) margin. The trades are netted multi laterally and clearing corporations stand as counter guarantee for the trades done on the respective exchange. This reduces the counter party risk prevalent in the OTC market as such.
MCX Commodities Trading
We are pleased to inform you that KJMC Commodities Market India Limited has become a Trading member of Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). As you must be aware that Asset allocation holds that investors should combine various asset classes to achieve a diversity that protects some asset classes when others are adversely affected.

Benefits of Trading in Commodities: - Profitability of a commodity-dependent business is largely influenced by the price at which the particular commodity is purchased or sold. But, commodities are vulnerable to price volatility, which can adversely affect profitability. Clients who protect themselves from the adverse effects of commodity price volatility enjoy better profitability.

Now, it is possible for clients of KJMC too to gain a winning edge by protecting themselves from price volatility – and this can be done through MCX, India’s leading exchange for metals, energy, bullion and agricultural commodities.

We wish to provide you this trading platform and our business development team will be happy to service you. We look forward to a fruitful and long standing relation with you for all your investment needs. For which please contact 409 45500